Joy Bridy


Arlington VA
Lee Arts Center

Seattle WA
Pottery Northwest


I've always been a traveler at heart.....brought up camping out of a custom Dodge van from Indiana to California, Indiana to Pennsylvania, Indiana to.......some of my favorite memories are on the road, visiting and learning about new and different places.

So when I realized that clay was the next path, I decided to continue the meandering. My first clay-related travel experience was as a student at Haystack Mountain School of Crafts in Maine, soon followed by a Technical Assistant Scholarship for the following summer. A summer residency at Pottery Northwest in Seattle, an internship at the Lee Arts Center in Virginia.....each experience brings freshness and change to my work and daily patterns.

Currently, I am building my own wood-fired kiln and considering hosting a resident here after the kiln is built...pass it on. Yet I still spend time dreaming and scheming what my next travel plans will be.,..I can't imagine staying in one place for too long!