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West Virginia
Crawford Horne Bourry

Jack Troy Anagama

Kevin Crowe
Community of Fire

Jack Troy Pixiegama

Simon Levin's Anagama

Kevin Crowe's Ana-Noborigama

Suburban Bourry Box

Jody Johnstone Anagama

Juniata College Anagama

Woodfired Kilns

Wood firing.....although my first memories of firing wood kilns begin at Indiana University, joining in with graduate students in a haze of smoke, wood, and opinionated discussions of who was great in the world of clay in the 90's, I'd have to say that it was much later that I fell in love with wood firing. Somehwere along my three year stint in rural Pennsylvania as a studio tech for Jack Troy at Juniata College, somewhere among the amish sawmill cutoffs, large student sculptures, tiny filler vases, locust taking the temperature right up.....somewhere along the timeline of those densely layered aesthetic experiences is when I technically fell in love.

A perfect match for my community-minded instincts, wood firing is usually accomplished in a group, including individual creative time making pieces, plus time for shared labor, stacking wood, cleaning shelves, wadding and loading pieces, showing up for shifts throughtout the 2-10 days generally required for the effects we love so much. This sense of community is as important to me as the pieces that result, and the friendships made are usually as rich and textured as the surfaces of our pots.

I invite you to explore the links on this page that will take you to the wood kilns I have fired in the last few years. Each firing is a unique experience, and I hope that the accompanying images help to give you a feel for not only the work and the process, but the unique personalities of the kilns, artists, and participants, including the intense, joyous energy surrounding each firing event.