From rocks come glazes

Algae glaze inpsirationFrom travel comes inspiration….looking at algae pools at Yellowstone National Park this spring brought to mind the complexities of glazes in wood kilns.  One of my favorite forms to fire is a wine decanter, side fired on shells, with multiple layers of glazes.  These glazes run, drip, combine, layer, and mingle with ash to highlight their complex history in the kiln.  I crave this.

2 thoughts on “From rocks come glazes

  1. Nice comparison – you’ve hit it right on with the color combination Joy. I’ve often looked at nature – a sunrise with pink or orange clouds illuminated from below by the sun which has not yet made its appearance – and thought “I wish I could recreate this image with ceramic glazes”. I haven’t been totally successful yet, at least on purpose. Some of my most pleasing results are the result of serendipity – a very happy accident!

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