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‘nature-based making’

July 29, 2017, 9-11am

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Do you find yourself picking up leaves and pods as you hike or walk your neighborhood?  When you sit down to make something, are images of the natural world the first thing that come to mind?  Join Joy Bridy, ceramist and perambulator, for a Saturday morning exploration of the natural world and how it relates to making, art and craft.

We will be exploring the outside world through walking and looking, starting at Rivers Gallery in Harpers Ferry, WV, meandering through an abandoned farm and back to the Gallery.  By engaging all of our senses and paying attention to what we pay attention to, we will be expanding our personal tool boxes of inspiration and ideas relevant to any studio practice or medium.  From sketching to assemblage, we’ll be exercising our creative minds to think in new ways, bringing fresh energy and inspiration to our personal making processes.

Bring your open mind and good shoes, definitely, and your favorite sketching tools and a blank-paged book, if you’d like.  Class will be held in all weather, so bring an umbrella if it is rainy.

Perfect for beginners as well as experienced, all levels are welcome.  All age welcome, children must be with an adult.