Thank you for your interest in learning!  This year, I’m working in a new format, and would like to bring learning to you.

Three class styles are available, and can be individual, small group, or large class. Classes can meet one time, or meet weekly or monthly for a series.

We can meet at your home, studio, community/arts center, nature center, park, yard…many options available.

Interested? Let’s talk.

Classes available for 2019: (short descriptions here, full descriptions below)

‘nature-based making’: explore the natural world through your senses, honing on in what you pay attention to, and how to bring those elements into your studio practice of any medium. (meets outside, no materials necessary, all mediums encouraged)

‘slow clay’: from digging native clay to exploring our internal and external worlds, work with clay and nature using handbuilding processes to capture your thoughts and inspirations in tangible ways. (meets outside and inside, clay-based)

‘making your mark’: find balance between technical making skills and personal expression. (meets inside mostly, clay-based)


‘nature-based making’

Do you find yourself picking up leaves and pods as you hike or walk your neighborhood streets?  When you sit down to make something, are images of the natural world the first thing that come to mind?  Join Joy Bridy, ceramist and perambulator, for an exploration of the natural world and how it relates to making, art and craft.

We will be exploring the outside world through walking and looking, engaging all of our senses, paying attention to what we pay attention to, and creating a tool box of components and ideas relevant to any studio practice or medium.  From sketching to assemblage, we’ll be exercising our creative minds to think in new ways, bringing fresh energy and inspiration to our personal making processes.

As a ceramist, Joy will be integrating clay into class times, both as a medium to record ideas, and as a process for working through ideas, as well as other mediums.  Bring your open mind, your favorite sketching tools, a blank-paged book, and good shoes.

Perfect for beginners as well as experienced, all levels are welcome.  Independent work is encouraged and supported!

‘slow clay’

Would you like to get your hands in clay? Are you curious what it feels like to make a vessel using only your own two hands? Does slowly coiling up a form seem compelling? Are you looking for some explorative time, willing to play in clay and nature?

Join ceramist Joy Bridy for an exploration in clay hand-building techniques, from pinching to coil and slab processes, using the natural world around us as the inspiration.  From digging and conditioning ‘native’ clay to finding/creating our own tools, we’ll be looking closely at each step in the process, as well as exploring readings and conversations around where our inspirations come from, how we integrate our internal and external worlds, and why we are drawn to making things in the first place.

Perfect for beginners as well as experienced, all levels are welcome. Independent work is encouraged and supported!

‘making your mark’

Are you learning how to create in clay by using the wheel or hand-building techniques, and want to allow your work express more of who you are?  Have you worked hard to gain technical skills, and feel ready to seek balance with an exploration of form, surface and expression?  Join ceramist Joy Bridy for studio time based in the ideas of balance between skills and expression, form and surface, as we explore how to make our work our own, allowing who we are to integrate with our hands in clay.

Through exploration of mark making and tools, expression of forms and surface treatments, reading and conversation, we will dive deep into the life-long path of becoming who we are in our studio work.

Perfect for those with a bit of experience, but possible for beginners. Independent work is encouraged and supported!