Keeping in Touch


Sometimes I write letters, long and rambling, often written in a complex scrawl on the back of a collage of current images that have caught my eye.  Pamphlets, the inside of security envelopes with black and white repetitive designs, magazine clippings, old photos…whatever comes across my path as I meander through my days is fair game.  My stamp collection keeps growing because I can’t pass up a good stamp printing (see the current available collection of native plants!)

While I’m not one to carry a camera, or even a phone, there are days when I’ll snap a photo while hiking, or dropping work off at the florist or coffee shop, and remember to post on Instagram when I get home.  Occasionally, I’ll even remember to craft a facebook post that captures what is going on in my days, accessible to anyone and everyone who cares to take a moment to ponder the thoughts of a creative thinker in West Virginia.

No matter the format, I love crafting a well thought out moment of expression.

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