Studio Cleanout Sale: Sunday, September 6, 2020

Update: Thank you to everyone who came out to gather wheels, hand tools, books, plasti-bats, glaze ingredients, and little bits and pieces of things that have inspired me over the last 10 years! It was a gorgeous day, and I’m so glad that things found new homes, and that the new open space in the studio feels luxurious and inviting. Who knows what will come out of that space next…..

Like many of us, this year has been a good one for cleaning out closets and cabinets, getting file cabinets and desk drawers in order, tidying up the shed and paring down the tools to what is used, and passing on the ones that are not. This Autumn marks 12 years in this studio, and it was high time for a cleanout.

After years of collecting, saying yes to taking hobby equipment abandoned by unknown people, gathering tools and many pieces of inspiration that could eventually become something else, I’m in the mood to clear it all out and make space for the new.

The studio will be open Sunday, September 6, Noon-4pm. Almost everything will be outside, with the exception being the gallery, if you are indeed in the mood to shop for pottery, too. Wear masks and social distance protocols, of course.

While I’m still poking around gathering things to add to the mountain of things, here’s a beginning list of what will be available:

Tools and Equipment: These things have prices, and are tools and things that a potter would find useful.

3 Brent pottery wheels, one C one CXC $500 each

1 venturi gas burner (raku) $25

20” plasti-bats (3) $20 each

18” plasti-bats (4) $15 each

Many hand tools $1 each

Oil heater on wheels $25

25 lb scale $10

Books: (may be more)

Electric Kiln Ceramics, Zakin $5

The Complete Guide to High-Fire Glazes, Britt $5

The Potter’s Dictionary of Materials and Techniques , Hamer & Hamer $5

A Potter’s Brush, Wilson $5

Sex Pots: Eroticism in Ceramics, Mathieu $20

Pioneer Pottery, Cardew $10

A Potter’s Workbook, Illian $10

Val Cushing’s Handbook, Cushing $10

Glaze dry ingredients: For ceramists who mix their own glazes, these prices are @ 50% of Clayworks Supplies prices as of today:

Frit 3110 50 lbs $55

Zinc oxide 2.5 lbs $6

Strontium Carbonate 10 lbs $12

Lithium Carbonate 9 lbs $100

Gillespie Borate 80lbs $80

Green Nickel Oxide ¼ lb $7

Black Nickel Oxide ½ lb $12

Chromium Oxide 2 lb + $15

Georgia Kaolin 2 gal -make an offer

Yankee Ball Clay 4 gal -make an offer

Other assorted curiosities: Make an offer, or pay what you can, or pay it forward, or make a donation, trade for some garden produce or fresh baked something, leave something or nothing in exchange, or just take it:

Trinity Ceramics stain sampler (8)

Minnesota Midwest Clay 9 or 10 1lb dry glaze packs (1990’s)

Colored porcelains (dry bottles)

Various bags of clay, most likely Cone 6, bone dry

Casting slips, Cone 6, 3 gallon bottles

2 stereo speakers

Brown bags for customers

2 shop lights

Various found objects, objects of inspiration, random studio whatnot, useful and not useful items, and who knows what else, all uncovered in this process of sorting and re-homing.

There you have it! Whatever is left over will be posted in online pottery equipment groups, donated to the Op House in Charles Town, given away in Buy Nothing groups, left outside to return to the elements, or left on your doorstep with a smiley face note from me, if I’m absolutely positive that you can’t live without it. Seriously.

Oh, and I’m also completely serious about the garden produce or baked goods trades. (wink)