Words & Images: Newsletters

Seasonally, approximately four times a year, I gather my wits about me and sit down to write a short piece to send to you in your email inbox. It may feel a bit antiquated to those who are used to small thoughts every few hours on instagram or facebook, but I like that it requires me to sit down and tap into what is a little deeper than the surface, and I like that sometimes you respond in my inbox with thoughts of your own. If you’d like to partake in these offerings, there is a ‘sign-up link’, and a few previous examples so you can see what you may be in for.


December 2022: Finding

June 2022: Moving On

April 2022: Springing

November 2021: Wintering

Autumn 2021: Side-Tracks

September 2021: Divergence

Winter 2020: Stratify

Fall 2020: OTMST

Summer 2020: Covid Era Studio Cleanout Sale

Winter 2019: Bringing the Outside In

Spring 2019: Start

….and many more, going back over a decade, through mailchimp, which I may someday load into this page. Of course, before that, there were just emails. (wink)