Burr Bread Bakers Guild does it again!

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My love for wood fired kilns has lead me astray….to wood fired bread ovens.  The Burr House Bread Baking Guild meets  monthly to bake artisinal, natural yeasted, wood fired bread.  I’m in love…and here’s the images to prove it:


  1. Oh wow – one of my friends has an outdoor wood burning pizza oven. He does artisinal breads as fundraisers all the time! My favourite is in the summer when he does a pizza party – 60 people all bring their own toppings and they fire up all night long! Love the photos. Looks like nice bread!


    1. Thanks, Anita, it’s an excellent hearth to gather ’round. There’s a focaccia party at the end of autumn for all of the bakers and their families, too. Mmmmmmm….


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